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FeynHiggs is a Fortran code for the diagrammatic calculation of the masses, mixings and much more of the Higgs bosons in the MSSM at the two-loop level.


FHSetPara(error, scalefactor, MT, TB, MA0, MHp, M3SL, M3SE, M3SQ, M3SU, M3SD, M2SL, M2SE, M2SQ, M2SU, M2SD, M1SL, M1SE, M1SQ, M1SU, M1SD, MUE, Atau, At, Ab, Amu, Ac, As, Ae, Au, Ad, M_1, M_2, M_3, Qtau, Qt, Qb)

integer error // 出错行
Double precision scalefactor // =renormalization_scale/m_t
Double precision MT //top-quark mass
Double precision TB //tan\beta
double precision MA0,MHp //Higgs 质量,只有一个作为输入,如果MA0<0的话,MHp作为输入。
double precision MiSL,MiSE,MiSQ,MiSU,MiSD (代指标 i=1,2,3) //sfermion 软破缺参数。
double complex MUE // Higgs 混合参数 mu
double complex Ae,Amu,Atau,Au,Ac,At,Ad,As,Ab //软破缺参数
double complex M_1,M_2,M_3 // gaugino 质量
double precision Qtau,Qt,Qb //输入参数的能标



integer error
double precision MHiggs(i)
double complex SAeff //The sine of effective Higgs Mixing
double complex UHiggs //中性Higgs质量混合矩阵
double complex ZHiggs //Z-factors


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