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> [file] : output redirection to [file]
2> [file] : error redirection to [file]
>& [file] : output&error redirection to [file]
Help: ? : help
help : help
/[keyword] : search keyword in help information
Shell: ![shell] : execute shell command
Source: v <[line]>: view source code <around [line]>
V [stack] : view source code in function call stack
t : show function call stack
f [file] : select file to debug
T : turn on/off trace mode for all source
J [stat] : Set warning level [0-5]
A [1|0] : allowing automatic variable on/off
trace <classname> : turn on trace mode for class
deltrace <classname> : turn off trace mode for class
Evaluation: p [expr] : evaluate expression (no declaration/loop/condition)
Evaluation: s [expr] : step into expression (no declaration/loop/condition)
Evaluation: S [expr] : step over expression (no declaration/loop/condition)
{[statements]} : evaluate statement (any kind)
x [file] : load [file] and execute function [file](w/o extension)
xk [file] : keep [file] if already loaded else load it, and execute function [file](w/o extension)
X [file] : load [file] and execute function [file](w/o extension)
Xk [file] : keep [file] it already loaded else load it. and execute function [file](w/o extension)
E <[file]>: open editor and evaluate {statements} in the file
Load/Unload: L [file] : load [file]
Lk [file] : keep [file] if already loaded, else load it
La [file] : reload all files loaded after [file]
U [file] : unload [file]
C [1|0] : copy source to $TMPDIR (on/off)
undo : undo previous declarations
lang : local language (EUC,SJIS,EUROPEAN,UNKNOWN)
preproc : toggle preprocessing of interpreted files
Monitor: g <[var]> : list global variable
l <[var]> : list local variable
proto <[scope]::>[func] : show function prototype
class <[name]> : show class definition (one level)
Class <[name]> : show class definition (all level)
typedef <name> : show typedefs
function : show interpreted functions
macro : show macro functions
template : show templates
include : show include paths
file : show loaded files
where : show current file position
security : show security level
refcount : reference count control on/off
garbage : show garbage collection buffer
Garbage : Do garbage collection
cover [file] : save trace coverage
return [val] : return undefined symbol value
Run: S : step over function/loop
s : step into function/loop
i : ignore and step over
c <[line]>: continue <to [line]>
e : step out from function
f [file] : select file to debug
b [line] : set break point
db [line] : delete break point
a [assert]: break only if assertion is true
O [0~4] : Set bytecode compiler mode
debug : bytecode status display on/off
asmstep : bytecode step mode on/off
status : show bytecode exec flags
dasm : disassembler
except : toggle exception catching
Quit: q : quit cint
qqq : quit cint - mandatory
qqqqq : exit process immediately
qqqqqqq : abort process
save : call emergency routine to save important data


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