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MadGraph / MadEvent is a software that allows you to generate amplitudes and events for any process (with up to 9 external particles) in any model. Implemented models are the Standard Model, Higgs effective couplings, MSSM, the general Two Higgs doublet model, and several minor models, and there is an easy-to-use interface for implementing model extensions. In connection with MG/ME there is also a range of tools, including a Pythia and PGS (detector simulation) package, a Root event analysis package, plotting packages, interfaces to other generators and file converters.

1. Basic Scripts

  • event generator 


./generate_events mode [job_name] run_name

    mode: paralled(=1) or single machine(=0);

  • Phase-space integration


./survey mode [job_name]
  • adjust grid and generate events


./refine N mode [job_name]

   N: then number of unweighted events to be generated (N>1) or integeration accuracy (N<1)

  • generate unweighted events



2. Input parameters

  • run_card.dat      动力学参数, 包括初态PDF、末态相空间 cuts以及碰撞能标、重整化能标和因子化能标。
  • param_card.dat  模型参数,包括耦合系数、粒子质量、衰变宽度等。

3. Event Record

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