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To use a Package, we should load it either Get(<<) or Needs

  • Get["package`"] or <<package`: Read the package file and evaluate each expression
     and definition. If a package filename is Filename.m and located in a path Filepath,


  • Needs["package`"] : Read the file only if it has not been read already.


To list the functions defined in the package, we can use Names or ?

  • Names["package`*"]: list the the names of the functions.
  • ?package`*: list the hyperlinks of the functions


To get the message of a function, use



To avoid the collision of a function definitions, use 


   to remove the function in Global` context. Note that Clear[exp] is not enough.

To be convenience to load the packages often used, use


  and save as mypackages.m. Then load the file as

  • <<mypackages.m as your first input when you start a new session.
  • put mypackage.m in one of the init.m files and Mathematica will automatically load it whenever you start a session.
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